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Static Websites - 3 Reasons To Use One

People are always wondering which kind of site is best suited to meet their needs and of course the answer to that question is "it depends." For a more thorough discussion of that, see my article titled "CMS, When to Use".

Here, I'll give you the Top 3 Reasons to use a static site.

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New Display – IPS vs TN

Say what? Do you know the difference between these types of monitors? I didn’t, until I had to buy a new display recently as my Apple Cinema Display is failing. Yes, that means that I’m on a Mac, but this may be relevant to PC users as well. As I understand it, Apple has been using a technology for a number of years in their displays called IPS, which stands for In-plane switching. This increases viewing angle and color fidelity. When I recently needed to buy a new display, members of my Mac User Group (Comug) advised that replacing it with an IPS type monitor would be important, especially since I am a graphic designer and accurate color is important to designers. Never-the-less, since I was also considering the purchase of a new computer in the near future, I thought I might be able to get away with an inexpensive display, a version known as a TN type (twisted nematic). To my chagrin, they were right. I did in fact purchase a TN type and found that the color rendering was not going to work for me at all. Specifically, I had a document that I was working on that had a solid colored background, but when viewed on the new display, it looked like a gradation. There was no position that I could put the monitor or my head in that would make that color look like a solid. I was disappointed to say the least.

IPS To The Rescue

I then searched for an IPS type monitor and found one from LG that was only slightly more expensive. I have to admit that I was aware of this IPS display before purchasing the other monitor and might have chosen it, however the store I went to, to see it in action, had all their displays turned off due to some technical problem they were having, so I couldn’t view them. When I went to another store that did have working monitors, though not an IPS type, I just bought it, as it seemed to work just fine. Live and learn, as they say.

Now, a week later, I’m very happy with the new display (IPS) and would hope that you might gain some insight into displays from my experience, should you find yourself in my situation.

SEO: A Case Study

Like many of you, I've been curious about SEO and some of the claims that have been made. You've seen them, "Guaranteed Results", "Top Ten on Google Organic Searches" and so on. So I decided to learn the truth.

My strategy was to read as much as I could about "SEO Best Practices", because, after all, I wasn't really interested in learning about "Worst Practices" or what is commonly known as "Black Hat Techniques". No sir, I'm a "White Hat" kinda' guy and that's what I wanted to learn. To aid in my education, I posted on blogs in places like LinkedIn, seeking the truth as others know it, and I read everything I could get my hands on. There is an amazing amount of information out there and a surprising amount of consistency in it.

Of course, all this information could be considered opinion, unless…

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CMS - When To Use?

Content Management System (CMS) sites are very popular these days and the number one reason cited for being so desirable is because they allow people to make their own changes. Sounds good, but is this always the right choice? Are there any useful guidelines for when to use a CMS? Yes! And that’s today’s topic.

So, why would people want to make changes to their own websites? After all, that’s extra work for them. Generally, I think it’s for two reasons. First is the belief that it’s the lower cost option. That it’s less expensive to have someone in the office make the change to the site than to have the PR company or graphic designer do it. Second, it’s perceived to be more timely to have someone in the office make the change than to schedule the change through a third party. I think that’s the complaint I hear more often, that changes that were requested to the site took a long, long time to be made by third parties. This surprises me, as I’ve always been able to provide these kinds of changes in a timely way.

Here’s the guideline I recommend to my clients when asked whether a CMS site is right for them.

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