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Many of the questions I receive are similar. In case you're interested, here's my top 10. By all means, if you have a different question or need clarification, please use this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or the one at the bottom of the page) to contact me. I'm always happy to answer questions.

  • Design Fees – do you have an hourly rate? +

    I don't use an hourly rate, instead I prefer to use project estimates that don't change unless the project parameters change. I collect an advance payment when beginning a new project that is 50% of the total.
  • How long do projects take? +

    This depends on how complex the project is, and what deliverables you'll need. Most projects fall somewhere between two and ten weeks. Naturally, there are always exceptions, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. The length of time for a project is determined by the project itself and how quickly approvals and feedback are exchanged.
  • Are you interested in other projects than those listed under Packages? +

    Yes, I can help with any project that relates to identity or brand. If you have a business or brand that you want to improve, I'm definitely interested in talking to you about how design can help. For example, I have experience with packaging, trade show booths and materials and signage.
  • Can you help with a Content Management System (CMS) website? +

    Yes, I specialize in the Joomla content management system because it offers one of the most robust frameworks and great extensibility supported by thousands of developers. WordPress sites are another option.
  • When can we start? +

    Usually a project will begin soon after our initial conversation where we'll discuss your project and I've received your advance payment.
  • Are your designs original work? +

    Yes, all the work I do is original. Since the focus of our work together is determined by the information you provide and your needs, the result is therefore unique to you. That said, we don't live in a vacuum and can be influenced by our environments, but I always strive for originality.
  • What do we get when we're done and what about rights? +

    You'll receive whatever files you require for your intended purpose. I also try to anticipate future needs, so for example if we're creating a new logo, you'll receive both high- and low-res files, for print and for web use. Vector or raster as needed. I also archive all final files, so you'll always be able to come back for replacements. Copyrights for final files are transferred to you upon payment of all fees.
  • We're not in Longmont - is that a problem? +

    It isn't necessary to meet face-to-face. Talking on the phone, email or using Skype are very effective ways of communicating. Presentations are provided as PDFs with generous use of visuals and descriptions to communicate ideas and of course, I'm always available to talk with you on the phone. If it's possible to get together – great!
  • What are your terms for payment? +

    All work is performed under a signed agreement valued in U.S. Dollars. Payments may be made by check, wire, bank transfers, or PayPal. A down payment is expected to begin work (50%), with the balance due either incrementally as work progresses or in full upon completion. Full payment is expected before final files are delivered or released.
  • Can you help with printing or hosting? +

    I've made many great connections over the years and can certainly help with either printing or hosting in most cases. Please feel free to ask if you'd like advice or an estimate.
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